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Our Partners


As an independent agent, working with both the producers and buyers of food, we have developed a deep understanding of the foodservice industry, which is a community built on a foundation of relationships. Over the past 20 years, we have formed long-standing associations with everyone from national food manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, to retail stores, chains and solo shops, and more.


Food Manufacturers:

  • Citterio USA

  • Koch Foods

  • Pacific Coast Producers

  • Schuman Cheese

  • Smithfield


Contact us today to obtain a full listing of our food manufacturers. 


Foodservice Distributors:

  • FoodPRO

  • PFG Virginia

  • PFS Maryland

  • Sysco Baltimore

  • Sysco Eastern Maryland

  • Sysco Hampton Roads

  • Sysco Virginia

  • USFS Manassas

  • USFS Roanoke

  • Independents

  • Specialty Distributors


Contact us today to obtain a full listing of our foodservice distributors. 

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